Money and Spirituality!

Yes, it’s a thing and they DO go together. It’s ALL part of being human.
Embrace it.

If you have been in my tribe for a while now you would know that this is a topic I LOVE to talk about and I am so glad to have more and more women joining me in this conversation.

Kate is an extreme version of this, which I LOVE!

Going from broke, homeless, addicted to Ice, Meth, P, (whatever you want to call it, it’s THE WORST drug for destruction and one of the hardest to get off!)

And now she’s come out on top, creating a 7 figure business over the last year. She did this by getting off the drugs via Plant Medicine and diving deep into the spiritual world.

Now she has merged the two worlds of Material Abundance and Spiritual Connection. Hallelujah!

The epitome of a High Class Hippie. We Love her!

Recently she’s been working one on one with marketing geniuses Gary V and Grant Cardone, she is here to share her wisdom from all facets of her life experiences.

Grab a cuppa, or a glass of bubbles and dive into this week’s epic interview.

P.s. As you will hear in the interview we are channelling Louis Vuitton to make Vegan Leather handbags. It’s going to happen, mark our words! The manifesting Queen’s have spoken! Haha. You’re welcome.


Hugs, Michelle xx

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