Coming out of the closet’ as they say…. When it is really an expression of getting into full alignment.

What areas of your life are you out of alignment?
For my bestie Dan, who I’m interviewing today, it was around his sexuality.

And when he got into alignment, faced the fears and made the bold and brave statement to ‘come out’…..


I saw his life change dramatically for the better.

His confidence boomed!
His inner Beyonce’ exploded out!
He became someone on a whole new level of happiness.

It was amazing to see and I am so grateful to have been a part of his life for so many years… About 20 years actually!

Today’s episode of the High Class Hippie Show is dedicated to getting into alignment with who you are here to be.

If you feel like you are just not in your grove in any area of life, this might inspire you to make a bold change or a decision you know you need to to get back on track and living your best life possible.

Dan has become one of the best photographers I know and he takes care of all my creative photographic work.

He is the most outgoing, funny and fabulous person I know and I’m lucky to have him as my Gusband! (Gay Husband haha)

Watch this interview now or listen to the podcast.


Hugs, Michelle xx

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