Breath-work is sweeping the planet.
Have you tried it?
OMG, the first time I did…..WOW!
And the second…
And the third….
They were all amazing and different from each other, and nothing like I expected.

Today we are diving deep into this trend that is becoming very popular and much needed as anxiety and depression levels rise in today’s society.

Nicola Laye has helped and supported thousands of women over the last 20 years, some with easy to solve problems, while others needing ongoing guidance and different health care treatments.

She’s taught over 5,000 pilates classes, she was the studio manager for the largest pilates educational institute in Australia and has coached over 500 ladies through pregnancy.
Ultimately she helps others by sharing her knowledge and experience so you can feel confident, supported and achieve the results you desire in life, she does this through pilates and breath-work classes and workshops.

Watch this interview now or listen to the podcast.


Hugs, Michelle xx

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