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After starting my first business at the age of 21 and experiencing the transition of life before and after the birth of the internet I got totally obsessed with 2 things:

1. Digital marketing after seeing the reach that could be created to spread a positive and empowering message.

2. The ability to show anyone how they can create a brand from doing what they love to do and automate it online.

We are living in one of the most amazing and transformative times in history. Are you making the most of it!?

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The High Class Hippie


Fun, inspiring and highly educational interviews with female leaders, business owners and influencers from all around the world. These positive game changers are here to make a difference and share with you all the tips of their rise and falls in life and how they achieved the success they have, so you too can create your own success by learning from amazing role models. What they do when self-doubt arises, what are their daily rituals.How they integrate spiritual practices into their life like yoga, meditation, mantras, gratitude practices, self-love, mindset management and ALLLLLL the parts of being a wildly successful human.

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7 Days to a Sexier You

Are you ready to Uplevel your life in all areas!?

MASTER your Body, Mind and Spirit so YOU draw positive, influential people to you AND manifest anything you want.

7 days with various experts sharing daily practices to have you looking and feeling sexier all day every day!